When it comes to the world of entertainment,Canadians really are a lucky bunch. They have access to the very best of everything, including movies and series all different genres. One of the reasons for this is due to the popular Netflix, which provides a free trial to people throughout the country. Although they offer a free trial it does not take long for Candians to sign up and become hooked. After all who can resist signing up to a world of endless entertainment.

There have been some of the best Canadian tv shows,which have been popular not only in Canada but also all over the world.In fact the best Canadian tv shows have shown the world just how skilled Canada really is when it comes to the competitive entertainment industry. They have really managed to create some of the very best Canadian tv shows of all time. If you don’t believe then now would be a good time to get access to Netflix and start streaming. You will be totally overwhelmed with the huge selections of shows which are available to you. You will be even more impressed that some of the best shows have been made and created in Canada.

Some of their masterpieces and most additive shows which the country should receive huge amounts of credit for is Lost Girl, Nikita, L.A. Complex and the widely watched Rookie Blue to name just a few. These are some of the most addictive shows watched worldwide. The best part about it is that these television series are all of distinctly different genres so there really is something wonderful and exiting for everyone to watch regardless of personal preference. This list of impressive Canadian shows literally can go on forever as they have really made a huge contribution to the entertainment industry and they are continuing to do so, every single day.